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Gmade 1.10 R1 rock buggy

Код: K21816DN-1-1-1-1 Категория:

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New Realistic GS01 Chassis with High Strength Nickel Plated Steel C-Channel Side Rails
Suspension System with Leaf Springs and TS-03 Aluminum Shock Absorbers
Solid Gear Diffs for both Front and Rear Axles
Ball Bearings in every rolling component
Realistic VR 01 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels made from high strength plastic
Adjustable Battery Plate
Realistic seats, steering wheel, shifter, mirror, and foldable windshield
12 Tooth 32 DP Pinion included – Gives a 42.8:1 overall ratio


Width: 218mm
Height: 246mm
Length: 442mm
Wheelbase: 287mm
Ground Clearance: 60mm
Weight: 1.7kg